Have you ever gone to a garage, estate sale or even a open market and seen some dresser scarf, table cloth or vintage hankies? They remind me of a time when people took the time to have a comfortable home and took pride in their work. I am going to transfer this linen scarf into an new item and that is a coat hanger cover to start with.

All you need for the project is the vintage dresser scarf, crayola's, embroidery threads in shades to match scarf. Crocheted lace or motif's in the case, and fabric yo-yo's and pearl beads.

So I have taken a linen dresser scarf that has a couple of frayed areas and the embroidery thread semi- worked on it. It looks really drab and pitiful.


I first colored in the roses and leaves with pink crayola for the rose and two different shade of green crayola for the leaves. 


Next I embroidered the leaves and stems with green embroidery floss. I tried to keep my crayola colors and embroidery floss close to the original hand work of the dresser scarf.